Madhya Pradesh Urdu Academy BHOPAL



NCPUL is the principal publication house of Government of India in Urdu. The publications of NCPUL have been rated very high in the academic circles. The focus of publication programme is to produce quality children literature and textbooks for Urdu medium schools. The most important activity under publication is making available authentic text of classics written during last 300 years of evolution of Urdu poetry and prose. Coupled with this is the work relating to production of Dictionaries, Encyclopaedia and reference books. The Council in pursuance of the objective "to take action for making available in Urdu language, the knowledge of scientific and technological development as well as knowledge of ideas evolved in the modern context" has embarked upon production of books covering all aspects of society - with emphasis on science. Journals and Magazines Besides this council publishes two important magazines namely "Urdu Duniya" monthly, and "Fikr-o-Tehqeeq" quarterly.

Sah Mahi Tamseel

Sah Mahi Tamseel (Jan-March 2021)